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Mery Giorgi


I am a free-spirited person, open-minded and curious, thirsty for knowledge I would say,

with a heart full of love and enthusiasm for life and a deep and sensitive soul.

I was born with perceptive abilities above the norm,

today I would be one of those indigo girls.

My great sensitivity pushed me to want to resolve conflicts and improve myself.

Over the years I have had the honor of meeting excellent teachers who saw potential in me and helped me develop it.

Over the years I have met therapists who introduced me to the knowledge of Reiki,

to meditative journeys and creative writing techniques.

I attended courses in Mediumship, Automatic Writing and Channeling,

 reading of the Aura and the meaning of its colors,

Psychometry, (the psychic reading of objects),


Parallel to the development of my spirit, I also made my knowledge about the mind grow,

obtaining the diploma of participation in the “School of Life”.

Topics covered were Personality Development, Hypnosis and Visualization Techniques, Effective Communication and Neuro Linguistic Programming.

The study of the handwriting has always fascinated me, as a self-taught I was able to fill many curiosities, but my real desire was to have a handwriting that was readable for everyone.

One day I accidentally found, hanging on the wall of a holistic center, a business card of a Graphologist and Calligraphic Tract Re-educator.

Excellent and very difficult path at the age of 40 re-educating to write!

I did it and I’m satisfied with it, as in all things if you want it and believe it, you get.

Finally, I deepened and put into practice Louise Hay’s thinking and her techniques

of affirmation. “The right words change the state of mind”

I added Jodorovski’s psychomagic to positive thinking.



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